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Project Description:
Naming and branding for a digital strategy company

The client for this project approached me with the task of naming and branding their digital marketing consulting firm.

The process started with a brand personality exercise which allowed me to develop a brand platform and outline brand characteristics (seen below under ‘Select pages from brand guide.’) The naming process then began with tons of brainstorming and research, and ended with several pages of random words, sounds, and phrases. The ultimate winner, Stell, is an old Scottish word meaning ‘a protective enclosure for sheep or cattle.’ The word’s sentiment rang true to the type of partnership and expertise the company provides to its clients.

Once the naming process was complete, the branding process started. The logomark harkens back to a crest or seal from times past — tying into the origin of the brand’s name. The logomark, paired with a simple yet strong sans serif wordmark, creates the full logo. The color palette is minimal and primarily features blue, with neutral and red accents.

Learn more at www.withstell.com


Select pages from brand guide